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Best Genetics

We work with the best partners to supply premium genetics to succeed elite breeding programs dairy cattle.
We provide top quality breeder cattle  to producers who wants to diversify and boost their herds for premium markets.

Our carefully selected premium genetics ensures our customers high milk yield and low illness risk for the  animals.

Strong livestock genetics, health and fertility are the foundation of a sustainable animal products and they are essential to global food security, biosecurity and  animal welfare.

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Worldwide Trasport

We provide international livestock shipping services for your selected dairy cattle. If you’re a food producer or dairy farmer looking to have livestock shipped worldwide, we are the most experienced freight forwarder in many regions around the World. Not only can we source you the best dairy and breeder livestock, we can also provide shipping services that are dedicated to safely and humanely delivering your animals to almost any port across the globe.

Our professional export team ensures that all livestock are in welfare at all stages of the export process, which includes quarantine farms, trucking and sea & air transportation. We only work with industry accredited and approved professionals, which includes farmers, nutritionists, stockmen and veterinarians.

We use high-quality food and water. Our quality assurance system makes sure to keep our animals in good health and welfare. Accredited veterinarians accompany the animals on board and constantly provides them for their needs.

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With over 20 years of experience in all the fields of agricultural industry , we especially excel in our expertise of genomic selection process of the best possible genetical heritage and combining it with the pioneering technology and know-how; which we are ahead of the modern industry standards.

We offer consulting solutions throughout the whole process from A to Z; starting from the pre-selection and safe transport to your facilities in great conditions, and continuing with quarantine management, feeding methods and infrastructure, nutritions and water control, training personel and all the best pratices available.

In all stages of consulting services, we work as a whole team of experienced specialists in different disciplines of the sector. Together we can work with you to cast efficient herd projections and build those projections to reality.

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