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A Few Words About Us

RA Livestock operates in different fields of agricultural services with big focus on the genetically chosen elite breeding service that we provide. RA Livestock is able to provide all the services in a high professional level of performance and result oriented approach to get the trust of clients. Our portfolio of offerings includes not only live breeding and feeder cattle from North America, Europe and South America, but also farm equipment such as fans and bedding, consulting services to green field investment projects, veterinarian and nutrition-based consulting, structuring finance options for buyers in high-interest rate markets, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF and gender sorted semen.

Genetically Elite

Combined, the executive team of Royal Atlantic Livestock LLC has delivered over 200,000 females to international markets on five continents and is proud to have satisfied clients in Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Qatar, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt, Philippines and elsewhere along with having the unique distinction of sourcing and delivering one of the highest genomic herds in the world  with over 15,000 U.S. Holsteins females delivered safely to different farms around the world and genomically evaluated by Zoetis and found to be exceeding +1,900 GTPI. The success of the projects has been seen during the initial twelve months of production with management benchmarks for production, reproduction efficiency, somatic cell score, calf survivability, et al. matching top international herds and first-generation calves being born that exceed +2,500 GTPI.

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