Decades of experience in the livestock export trade


We specialize in the selection of the best Holstein and Jersey breeds from the most elite farms across USA


Meet The Genomic Selection


Livestock Export

We have completed over 60 successful export operations across 5 continents. Our transportation network consists of airplanes, ocean freights and trucks designed to transfer livestock.



We work with leading Genetics Labs to ensure gender-selected, progeny proven herd growth and breeding needs. We specialize especially in elite Holstein and Jersey breeds.



Project Management and Consulting services for your farms and infrastructures, finance, equipment, documentation, bedding, assisted reproductive technology, nutrition and veterinary needs. 

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A Few Words About Us

Your partner in building the best herd possible

Our portfolio of offerings includes not only live breeding and feeder cattle from North America, Europe and South America, but also farm equipment such as fans and bedding, consulting services to green field investment projects, veterinarian and nutrition-based consulting, structuring finance options for buyers in high-interest rate markets, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF and gender sorted semen.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Pedigrees

We select your animals like we are choosing for ourselves. All of our animals can be traced back for generations and generations...

Quality Services

We consolidated different aspects of needed expertise in one roof, which is RA Livestock. Decades of experience and expertise in managing your process zero to hero.

Affordable Pricing

Our trusted network of best suppliers in USA and thousands of animals history with them lets us bargain right prices in your behalf.

10+ Years of Experience in Worldwide Livestock Trade

Triphibious fast transfer options which suits your needs

Some of Our

Recent Projects

We can’t be modest about our past portfolio, it’s currently the best in the sector and we still make it larger every year.